La Ferme de Durbuy

Horse trekking

There are over ten sturdy horses and they‘ve each got their own history, character and way of establishing a quite special relationship with the rider whether he‘s just passing through or is a resident. But that‘s not everything, because the visitor can also appreciate the proximity of the lovely stables to which he or she has free access. And then, there‘s the magic of those moments when you hear the hooves of the horses pounding the soil as they make their return to the Ferme. A real spectacle!

Here, you‘re a very long way from the restricted world of the merry-go-round; horse-riding is all about the open air and following quiet paths! As a confirmed horsewoman, Céline leads riders and their mounts for a few hours or all day to the most beautiful spots … a ford across the river, the meadows with the wind blowing across them, the enticing perfumes of the forest …