It was an old abandoned farm in the Ardennes rich in promise…the Foulon-Cosse family - Nicole and René and the three children, Vincent, Céline and Marie - put their suitcases down, rolled up their sleeves and worked tirelessly - happy in the joy of being involved in such a life-enhancing experience. A year later, the Ferme de Durbuy opened its doors and its heart to travellers and horse lovers. In September 2013, Céline took the plunge! Fortified by eight years of experience alongside her parents, she chose to settle at the Ferme de Durbuy and follow adventure there with passion and sincerity.  



The Spirit 

From the family, Céline preciously keeps the spirit she offers to share with guests, This family hospitality fosters a simple way of living stressing the importance due to the values of a friendly and genuine welcome as well as a special feeling of actually being part of the very land itself. She’s proof of generosity itself when it’s a question of making guests happy. 

The Place

The Ferme de Durbuy is situated in the picturesque village of Warre, two kilometres from Durbuy. Around the old farm and its outbuildings, the meadows and woods hurtle down to the river over more than 15 hectares. The restoration and refurbishing of the buildings have not tried to reproduce the past but rather to perpetuate it by blending authentic charm and modern comfort. A dining room and large sitting room welcome guests around wood fires to fit in with their time schedule and wishes. In the early morning or at midday, they can also eat on the spacious covered terrace and thus take full advantage of the wide open air.